ALL SOULS 2nd Nov. 2023: Taking the time to remember (together)

light a candle

stand still for a moment

Name a beloved aloud once more

give voice to a memory, room for a silent tear

find a listener to your story, if you wish

The church door is open for a moment of personal remembrance:

Thursday 2nd November 17.00 – 21.00h

Thursday 2nd November 7.30 pm  – Time for joint remembrance

A gathering, naming names, with music, prayers, candles and text.

Spoken word is in Dutch. But music and light form a bridge across language, as we mourn and honor our beloved departed together. There’s opportunity to write down names in the church from 5 PM onwards, to be spoken aloud on the evening of Nov. 2nd. Or you can send them by e-mail before Nov. 2nd:

More info:

Thursday November 2nd, a day with the name “All Souls”. And again, we will remember people we miss so dearly. We name the names of those to whom we are  connected forever.

The church doors are open between 17.00 and 21.00h, for personal remembrance. Anyone is welcome to walk in and take a moment to pause at the memory of beloved departed ones.

There are candles to be lit, there is the opportunity to write a name on a little pebble and leave that pebble behind in the church from now on. Or to write down a name, to be spoken aloud once more in the joint remembrance in the evening. And there’s always someone to chat to, if you wish.

19.30 (7.30 PM) there is time for joint remembrance. With words (in Dutch), images, with music and with lots of light. All the names of those who passed away that were written down in the church before or during this gathering, will be named aloud.

There will be music by cellist Sebastiaan van Eck and violist Joan Mooney and the church choir.

And in the church you will find some ‘images’ that, aside spoken word, might also help create inner space for mourning and remembrance.